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Rachana is a raw food chef who's passionate about inspiring people to make changes in the way they eat for their health, their happiness and this planet. After 14 years as a mental health nurse making smoothies for her clients under cover of night shifts ( and being continually reprimanded by the bosses!) she chose to follow her heart to inspire more and more people to choose health and happiness starting with what they eat. And so she created her raw food company Juiciful in 2011 and she loves sharing meals, workshops and events cafes with others and turning people on to eating more raw food. She has been practising yoga for 14 years and have spent many years with Osho and the vast worldwide sanyassin family practising dynamic meditations, conscious sexuality, shamanic work, body work and the art of loving friendship. She is a Lomi Lomi massage practitioner and just loves sharing the dance of this oceanic flowing massage. She loves dancing, and singing, chanting and hugging - all of these elements are with her in her kitchen too! She truly believes that food takes on the vibration of its chefs, so she turns on the chanting music, feels the love in her heart and gets chopping! She looks forward to tantilizing your tastebuds and nourishing your soul!

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