Kundalini Dance

Shamanic dance through the chakras
Kundalini Dance is a revolutionary form of self healing and personal transformation devised by Leyolah Antara in Australia, and taught exclusively by Mark TJ Keane in the UK. It is an incredibly powerful combination of ritual, meditation, pranic breathing and sounding and of course DANCE! It is the most powerful way of activating personal awakening through dance because it harnesses the Kundalini, your life force, and the force of all creation itself. The model that is danced through is the 7 Chakra system which acts a blueprint to come to know yourself, to free yourself from old conditioned reactive behaviour into actual FREE WILL. The power to choose to behave in a way that is truly supportive to your journey. The sessions are both cathartic and celebratary. The sessions always end in a profound connection to the divine, a felt oneness with being that has to be experienced to be believed. We are tapping into something ancient, shamanic, tribal, almost lost, but NEVER forgotten.